How does a deployment work?
  • Advise is offered as a SaaS enterprise web-based data analytics and visualisation platform.
  • Advise is cloud-based, secure, robust, available, and comes fully supported and maintained, with serviced data updates.
  • Advise has a no-limit seat policy because we believe that in order to be data-driven the output of data analytics should be available to all.
  • Advise is offered on a simple monthly licence basis. Initial configuration and launch typically takes less than 4 weeks.
    How do I get Advise?

    It couldn’t be simpler. Contact us today. We can have you up and running in no time.

    Step 1
    FREE data audit and Advise customization plan
    Step 2
    We configure Advise to your custom needs
    Step 3
    We deploy Advise and everyone has immediate access to dynamic reporting
    How much does Advise cost?

    Advise is offered on a SaaS model, with the custom deployment of Advise being licensed on a monthly basis.

    The overall monthly cost of Advise is calculated based on the number of data sources, their complexity (based on the number of categories, products, stores, etc.) and the chosen modules of Advise that are used in the custom deployment.

    We can tailor for all needs, capabilities, and sizes.

    Also, we work with funding agencies to help you access digital transformation grants.

    Contact us today to learn more.

    What next?

    Reach out. Contact us via email or get in touch via the live chat today!

    We will set up a quick introductory meeting to discuss your current data strategy, demonstrate Advise and answer any questions you may have.