Category Management

  • Advise automatically combines multiple sources of category data into one model for automatic reporting.
  • Reduce the manual and tedious efforts of repetitive report generation and embrace a data-driven future.
  • The output is available in one place to everyone across the organisation, no querying or coding necessary.
  • With Advise Category Management everyone sings from the same data playbook.

Advise for Category Managers

Learn more about Advise for Category Management by watching our short video below

Advise Sales Assist

Category & Insight Management

Forget about wrangling numbers for repetitive reports, with Advise everyone has them at their fingertips automatically.

You will see a major reduction in random ad-hoc queries and instead collaborate on turning insights into actions.

Answering deep and meaningful questions is a breeze with Advise's built-in predictive analytics.


"I literally save 3 weeks a month because my standard reports are generated and updated automatically. Because everyone has access to Advise I also face way less ad hoc queries."

Stephen O'Neill

Head of Category, Insight and Field Sales at O'Brien Fine Foods

Advise Sales Assist

Automatic dashboards and reporting

Save 75% in data-wrangling time. Once your data is brought into Advise the visualisations are updated automatically and are instantly available to all.


Works with all EPOS and Distribution data sources

All insights are available in one place for all due to One-view consolidated data model in Advise. One place to rule them all.

Advise Sales Assist
Advise Sales Assist

No coding or querying

Advise makes it easy for all users to analyse the data deeply without any need for coding or queries, with a full set of dynamic pre-configured dashboards and reports.

Advise Sales Assist

Increased Revenues

With confident data-driven decisions, our customers grow their annual revenues by up to 3%.
Advise Sales Assist

Increased Margins

With Advise, you can deploy winning data-backed pricing & promotion strategies with confidence.
Advise Sales Assist

Increased Efficiencies

With over 75% reduction in data wrangling time, save that wasted time to drive efficiencies and business action.
Advise Sales Assist

Dashboards for all

Everyone can easily access and interact with the automatically updated dashboards.
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