Where We Started, Where We Are, and Where We Are Headed


As innovators and leaders in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) analytics space, we’ve been relentlessly building, deploying, and supporting Advise – our premier analytics solution tailored for the Consumer Packaged Goods space across Ireland and the UK. Today, Advise stands as the choice analytics solution in this sector, and as we look back on our journey and forward to our ambitious future plans, we’re excited to share our story and vision with you.

Where we started

Our journey began with the launch of Advise in February 2020. Despite the unforeseen global pandemic that led to lockdowns and supply chain disruptions, our team remained focused on pioneering the next generation of automatic data analytics technologies. As the world recovered and adapted post-COVID, so did Advise, with a blossoming of new customers and significant advancements to the Advise platform, demonstrating our resilience and commitment to innovation.

Where we are now

Today, Advise stands as the world’s most advanced automatic data analytics solution in the CPG sector. We’ve developed an array of data adaptors capable of automatically ingesting data from all EPOS, Market, and ERP sources, regardless of format or level. Our proprietary data model harmonizes all data signals, facilitating lightning-fast querying and deep insights. Our platform includes modules for Category Intelligence, Pricing & Promotion, Field Sales Intelligence, Sustainability, and Finance supported by a vast library of pre-configured visual analysis outputs. Reporting and dashboarding are fully automated for efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, our Advise-connected mobile app, Sales Assist, is a powerful tool for field reps, streamlining data collection from store visits. Advise’s prowess is trusted and employed by major manufacturers and brands including Red Bull, Lipton, Brady’s, Donegal Catch, and many others, automating their analytics and empowering their strategic decisions.

Where we are headed

Advise has evolved into a mature, state-of-the-art enterprise platform, mastering the complexities of data ingestion, harmonization, and automatic analytics. The journey from turning data into knowledge has reached its next frontier; our goal now is to surface actionable insights and translate them into effective actions. Leveraging our expertise in data engineering and science, we are gearing up to unleash AI, powering the next wave of CPG analytics.

The upcoming year is set to be transformative, with several big announcements on the horizon. We are particularly excited about our upcoming module for product pricing optimization and strategic promotional planning, as well as our efforts in employing Generative AI and Large Language Models to create a personalized natural language interface for Advise. The future is not just about analytics; it’s about proactive, insightful action.

Join us

As a fully serviced SaaS solution, Advise is designed to be intuitive, completely automated, and ready for rapid deployment. It’s customized and configured to meet the unique needs of each customer, promising a transformative effect on your business intelligence strategies. If you’re interested in learning more about Advise and how it can elevate your business, we invite you to contact us for a demo. Let’s embark on an exciting journey together, leveraging the full potential of automatic data analytics to drive success.